If you would like to support me in any of my challenges – in any conceivable way – I will be immensely grateful. Equipment, services, provisions and more – all are needed to some degree for each of my challenges. And then, of course, there’s the charities I’m supporting. They need constant funding in order to continue their good work and build on their respective successes to date. Your donations to them, in recognition of my endeavours, are hugely valued.

Why Partner with Charlie?

1) Support a very good cause
2) Motivate your team and customers
3) Generate awareness of your business

Partnering with Charlie can deliver a lot of personal and business benefits. Charlie, as I am sure you can see, is a very driven individual, and this drive has been infectious to many people since he has been the charitable adventurer. As a partner we would actively encourage you to spread this motivation through your organisation, to your customers, to your suppliers, and also to your friends and family.

The adventure in 2012 gained a huge amount of press coverage, and we very much expect to have a similar level of exposure in 2019. In fact because of the typhoon story in 2012 we may actually get more. It means as a partner you can capitalise on this coverage through branding on the boat and Charlie.

How Can You Do That?

To get started, please download our partnership brochure or contact Charlie and the team.