"Thank you to our Sponsors, who are making Row Pacific 2019 possible.

I’m incredibly proud to be associated with Hesco again. Without Hesco’s support in 2006, I wouldn’t be where I am now, preparing for the Pacific (again)!"

- Charlie

We admire both Charlie’s sense of adventure and his passion to help and protect people; qualities that reflect the Hesco values. It’s going to be an exciting venture and one that Hesco will support all the way.

Michael Hughes, CEO, HESCO

We are proud to count Charlie among our Ambassadors for 100 Days to Peace, a gala evening of music and reflection to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War and raise money for ex-service men and women facing mental health challenges.

Thanks to our joint sponsor, HESCO, the Royal Armouries is able to lend its support to Row Pacific 2019 which will both inspire and raise awareness for some outstanding charitable causes. The funds raised will also enable so many people to take on and conquer their own challenges. We all wish Charlie the very best of luck in this exciting endeavour and wish him ‘bon voyage’ and a safe return.

Claire Cox, Head of Development, Royal Armouries

During Charlie's 2012 Pacific attempt we followed the adventure on a daily basis, as did many of the office team and our partners. The challenge and how Charlie goes about it is a genuine inspirational hook. The decision to support Charlie in 2018 was an easy one to make.

Rob Cullum, Marketing Director, PACE Networks

Charlie is an adventurer, a doer, but above all a generous humanitarian. He’s seen first-hand the power of individuals joining together to overcome adversity, and their grit and determination has inspired him to undertake his own exceptional journey of benevolence, raising funds for a number of key charities that are close to his heart.

Frobishers is proud to be a part of this journey and support him through each of the challenges he so eagerly puts himself forward to pursue. His energy and enthusiasm know no bounds and his fund raising efforts and altruistic appetitive for life is an example to us all, demonstrating what can be achieved when you put your mind and all your might behind a cause.

We wish Charlie and his team the best of luck in all their future exploits and of course a fruitful return in their ongoing charitable work.

Nick Sprague, CEO, Frobishers

Having known Charlie for many, many years, I am always happy to help him, to help others, in any creative way I can. The adventures he undertakes are amazing and crazy, but his need to complete them and to help others while doing so, is both inspiring and wonderful - something the world could do with more of.

Wild Thring Media are proud to be able to support the inspiring Charlie Martell in the Pacific Row 2019 and aim to help as much as possible, to make this a successful World Record bid ! We fully support and admire Charlie’s pioneer spirit and his drive to help and raise the profile of causes. Wild Thring Media have been pleased to raise practical support and PR to help Charlie and will provide social media updates to let people know and keep them informed as the journey progresses.

Edwina Thring, Managing Director, Wild Thring Media

Gloucester Biltong are extremely proud to sponsor Charlie on this epic adventure. When I first met Charlie two and a half years ago I was left speechless by his enthusiasm and passion for his pacific adventure. Do we think he’s mad? YES! Do we think he has the bloody mindedness to succeed? ABSOLUTLEY! That is exactly the reason why we are proud to supply him with our high protein biltong to help him through every day of this extraordinary adventure.

What an amazing physical challenge by this former Royal Engineer Commando. All of us at Raging Bull wish him
well and we will follow his journey at each stage. I admire his strength in raising awareness for
mental health and look forward to a safe return and successful world record gain!

Phil Vickery MBE DL, Founder, Raging Bull

We're very pleased to be able to support Charlie by providing SIGG products. At SIGG we often find inspiration in the adventurous and challenging, but rarely are we so inspired by the dedication of one man to take to the seas, especially following being beaten by the elements once before. We wish Charlie the best of luck and look forward to hearing of his adventures on arrival in San Francisco.